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  1. 1. Purpose of the Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions

This Privacy Statement ("Statement") describes how GBANQ HELLAS, as part of its responsibilities as a Wholesaler of Electronic Equipment ("Company"), collects, uses, processes and transmits your personal data, as described in detail below. "Personal Data" means any directly or indirectly identifiable personal information relating to you that is collected or otherwise received by the Company. GBANQ HELLAS processes the Personal Data in a fair, lawful and in accordance with all applicable law.

  1. 2. Personal Data collected by GBANQ HELLAS

GBANQ HELLAS may collect your Personal Information, including but not limited to: name, date of birth, home address, fixed and / or mobile number, e-mail address and any other data related to the data processing purposes is defined in Article 3 below. GBANQ HELLAS will not collect sensitive data that concerns you. "Sensitive Data" refers to personal data that either directly or indirectly relate to racial or ethnic origin, religious, philosophical or other beliefs, political beliefs, party membership, trade union bodies, associations and organizations of religious, philosophical, political or trade union character, and personal data concerning health and sex life.

GBANQ HELLAS will collect your Personal Data directly from you, either in person or by e-mail, or through a third-party authorized representative assigned by you through a power of attorney which will allow these third parties to share or forward your data. GBANQ HELLAS will inform you at the time of submitting your data to the Company's database, and you will be given the right to object if you so wish. The provision of your Personal Information is optional, but failure to provide such data or the refusal to process such data by the Company, will have the sole effect that the Company may not be able to provide you with the services you applied for.

The Company may use partners who will legally have contracted with the Company for this purpose to promote its products and services on behalf of the Company. In this case, the client may deliver to the partner the documents pertaining to the company, either in electronic form or in physical form, required for the approval process of his application. In case that the customer delivers physical documents, they

are converted by the responsible employee of the Company in electronic form and the physical file is destroyed.

The documents required for the collection of personal data of individuals are not delivered to the partner in any form but are sent electronically by the beneficiary to the Company's e-mail address created for this purpose, which is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In any case, this regulation only concerns the personal data collected relating to natural persons related to the applicant companies, whether they are legal representatives, shareholders, directors or connected in any legal way with the company. It does not concern the company's legalization documents or any other legal document from a public or non-public authority concerning the applicant company.

  1. 3. Personal Data Use

GBANQ HELLAS will only process your Personal Data to: (a) submit for approval the POS Merchant Application to eCOMM Merchant Solutions LTD, with which it legally cooperates, in order to proceed with the provision of POS terminals to your business; or (b) submits for approval the eCommerce Merchant Application to eCOMM Merchant Solutions LTD in order to proceed with the provision of e-commerce services to your business; or (c) to defend a court claim concerning the Company in a similar case. GBANQ HELLAS will only include your Personal Data in a database for the time required for the purposes for which the Personal Data was collected or required by law and will not use this database for promotional or other purposes without your consent.

  1. 4. Transmission and International Flow of Personal Data

Within the Company, access to Personal Data will be granted to authorized employees of the Company, the data processor(s) who are / have been designated and those who need such access for the purposes that they have listed above. The data listed in the Merchant Application is forwarded to eCOMM Merchant Solutions Ltd, which is legally registered (No. 540660), located in Ireland, subject to the European General Data Protection Law (GDPR), in order to carry out the required controls on their correctness and truth and to provide the customer with the products requested on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, your Personal Data may be transmitted to entities located outside Greece, within the European Union, but only for the above purposes. Personal Data will not be widely circulated under any circumstances. With respect to these Personal Data, an employee of the company will be appointed as a controller for the purposes of the contracts, and the relevant data processing will be subject to the data protection laws that bind the Company.



  1. 5. Data Protection and Data Processing Terms

GBANQ HELLAS makes every effort to comply with all physical, technical and organizational safeguards that are necessary to protect Personal Data against accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure, use or access, in accordance with legislation. Personal Data is processed electronically and non-electronically, in accordance with the methods and procedures that are compatible with the above purposes.

  1. 6. Preservation and Accuracy of the Collected Personal Data

GBANQ HELLAS will not retain the Personal Data for any period of time that is not necessary for the purposes described in this Statement or required by the law.

The database containing the customer data will be retained and managed by the Data Processing Performer designated by GBANQ HELLAS for the purposes set forth in this Statement.

The location specified by the company for storing the Customer's Personal Data files is defined by the company and is a secure file in the company’s business account in Google Drive.

  1. 7. Receiving a Merchant Application Procedure

The company collects and delivers to eCOMM Merchant Solutions Ltd the following documents:

  1. 1. Merchant Application Form, signed and stamped by the applicant company
  2. 2. Introducer Pre-check signed by the Seller / Introducer
  3. 3. Letter of Consent for the collection, processing, use and management of personal data signed by the customer.


  1. 8. Destruction of files containing your personal data

The Company stores the data that the customer has provided for as long as the relationship between them lasts. The amount of time that your personal data is kept in our company database is set for 30 calendar days from the date of receipt. This time may be extended, if necessary, for special reasons, and only upon informed consent of the customer.

After 30 calendar days, the files containing your personal data will be destroyed while a Destruction of files/documents Form will be signed stating their date of receipt, way of destruction, date of destruction, and will be signed by the person responsible of managing the personal data, as defined by the Company, and a Director.

For any further information on the collection, use, processing and management of your personal information, please contact 211 410 8000 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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