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eCOMM Merchant Solutions are a dynamic, one-stop-shop, payments gateway

eCOMM Merchant Solutions are a dynamic, one-stop-shop, payments gateway and acquirer dedicated to providing merchants with flexible payment acceptance solutions including e-commerce and Mail Order / Telephone Order (MOTO) capability.

We understand the varied needs of your business and the payments industry. We can provide you with the ability to accept electronic payments safely and securely, across the globe.
Our team of highly experienced payment industry specialists adopt a very hands on approach when working with you.
We provide a seamless integration process via multiple methods and quick turnaround times to ensure your e-commerce and MOTO transactions are set up with maximum speed and efficiency and have you up and running in days.
Our on-boarding process is simple and straight forward and we provide real time reports for all transaction activity. Our strategy is to continually exceed our clients' expectations.
We offer a comprehensive package without costly investments and maintenance. Our offering is easy to implement with the added advantage that we provide the Payment Gateway in addition to the merchant account.
Our PCI DSS compliant platform includes a full suite of reports to ensure you have all the MI you need on your customer transactions. We take care of risk and fraud.

Key Benefits of eCOMM Proposition:

  • All-in-one solution Payment Gateway and Acquirer
  • Seamless and quick integration process for on-boarding new Merchants
  • Experienced team of payment specialists with vast hands-on experience
  • Weekly settlements, competitive transaction rates, transaction security and flexible billing
  • Timely, accurate and comprehensive parameter based real-time reporting options that go beyond traditional reporting systems and analysis
  • PCI DSS Compliant Platform and Solutions
  • Affiliated as an agent of Prepaid Financial Services, listed in the top 25 fastest growing technology companies in the UK for a 3rd year in a row. Sunday Times 2015 Hiscox Tech Track 100. (This information is correct as of 07/09/2015.)

Who We Are

eCOMM Merchant Solutions is a one stop payment gateway and acquirer for merchants who want e-commerce and MOTO capability for Visa & MasterCard. The company was a national finalist in the innovation category in the Bank of Ireland Start-up awards, 2015. Company CEO, Noel Moran is a finalist in the 2016 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards.
We are an approved Agent of Prepaid Financial Services who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
We are an agile and flexible payment solution provider who understand our customers need a secure, stable and flexible processor with excellent reporting capabilities. Our team has extensive business, payments and technology experience which gives us a head start understanding what merchants want and need, and more importantly, to be able to convert this into effective e-commerce merchant solutions.

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Who We Are?

Crew managers need to manage payroll to offer best of the services to their crew members. That’s exactly why at Cyprus based Global Payment Solutions Ltd, we’ve developed and advanced, effective and flexible payroll solution that enables our clients to manage as well as streamline their accounting, payrolls and cost controlling systems.

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