Onboarding Process

Our solutions and products allow maritime companies to save costs, minimize security related risks and handle cash effectively. What more!

At eCOMM Merchant Solutions, our aim is to take the pain out of merchant onboarding. Our process is mapped out with you, the customer, in mind.

We believe in a simple approach. This leads to efficient decision making, while meeting all the Compliance and Anti Money Laundering requirements.

We review all documentation and the merchants website to ensure they meet Card Scheme (Visa & Mastercard) and Regulatory requirements. We carry out the necessary Know Your Business/Know Your Customer (KYB/KYC) checks. This flow diagram illustrates the on-boarding process.

Onboarding Flow Diagram

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Who We Are?

Crew managers need to manage payroll to offer best of the services to their crew members. That’s exactly why at Cyprus based Global Payment Solutions Ltd, we’ve developed and advanced, effective and flexible payroll solution that enables our clients to manage as well as streamline their accounting, payrolls and cost controlling systems.

Our Offices

Global Payment Solutions Ltd.

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Strovolos, 2nd Floor
2024 Nicosia, Cyprus
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